Burning Man 3D 2015 VR

Fish eye stereoscopic photos for immersive viewing in a VR headset.

Copyright 2015 All rights Reserved.
For personal enjoyment only. Do not reuse or post.

Download installation file to install Whiligig, an Oculus Rift video player. It contains the images with optimal viewer settings. Press spacebar to remove menu. Use arrow keys to change photos. Works only with Oculus Rift DK2 with 0.7 or later runtime. Download

Or download the images in a zip flle and open them in Whiligig or MaxVR video/image viewers. Download

Settings for Whiligig are:
Format: Dome SBS
Tilt: 90.0
FOV: 160
Other settings are default. Press F8 to navigate to image file location.

If you don't have an Oculus Rift or other VR viewer, you can
still view them as regular stereo images with the viewers below.

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