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After I returned from my first burn in 1996 I wanted to share my stereoscopic photos. It was a time when the internet was the thing to do. In keeping with the spirit of Burning Man I decided to keep the site free from advertising and not for profit. It is meant as a gift to the community, so I pay a few hundred dollars a year to keep it on line.

In 2015 it was time to update

Over the years I've tried a variety of ways to presenting 3D on the web. When this web site first went on line in 1997, it seemed like 300x200 resolution was fine for people with dial up modems. I made the images in anaglyph (red/blue), cross-eye, and side-by-side. I tried a browser plug-in called DepthCharge for a while, it worked with shutter 3D glasses, but it is no longer supported. Then I used Java applets, unfortunately Java applets are no longer supported by browsers either. Some galleries couldn't be viewed, and the images were low resolution. I decided to rebuild the web site. A huge task, beginning with re-scanning hundreds of stereoscopic slides to get higher resolution. After many hundreds of hours of work, the site has been modernized and will work on mobile devices.

Stereo Image Viewing

Now all images are nominally HD (1080 height). Two stereo image viewers are supported, an Adobe Flash player and a photo viewer written in HTML-5. They both do anaglyph, side-by-side and a few other formats. This year (2015) I have a gallery of fish eye stereo images for viewing in an Oculus Rift (VR helmet) or similar device.

The stereo images viewers are by Muttyan, the author of StereoPhoto Maker, a free stereo image editing tool. If you have a 3D TV or a 3D projector then you can use the half-width side-by-side option, in full screen mode. That should work with you TV or projector. Try both Flash and HTML5 and see which you prefer.

The galleries on the old pages had a title or brief comment for each photo. I didn't carry that forward to the new galleries because there are over 900 photos spanning 21 years!

Now I have 21 consecutive Burns!


Silver Man!

Silver Man is my playa name and a fun part of my time on the playa. I wasn't always Silver Man. Read about how it started.

Critical Tits

Critical Tits is an amazing cultural phenomenon. I'm proud to have been a part of the Critical Tits community.

Yearly Blog

Each year after adding a gallery of images for that year, I wrote a paragraph or two of my observations for the year.


The story of my one fight in the Thunderdome in 2007. A response to a threat from a veteran.

3D Photography

My story about 3D photography, and photography at Burning Man.


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