Medal-winning entries of the 2003 Oakland International Stereo Exhibition

PSA Gold Medal
Best Stereo Slide
Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Sarah
Jim Gasperini

PSA Gold Medal
Best Stereo Card
Stairwell, Mission Inn
Robert Bloomberg

PSA Silver Medal
Best Creative Stereo Slide
Arch View of Bridge
Dennis Hanser

OCC Medal
Best OCC Member Stereo Slide
Two Green Leaves and Company
Jim Johnston

OCC Medal
Judge's Medal (Norm Henkle)
Waiting for His Solo by Robert Bloomberg

OCC Medal
Judge's Medal (Bill Wasson)
Buttermere Calm
John K. Taylor
(Reproduction rights not granted)

OCC Medal
Judge's Medal (Eddie Hosey)
Surfside Pier
C. P. Reynolds
(Reproduction rights not granted)

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