Stereoscopic photographs from the 2006 Burning Man festival

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Art Deco Man

The man and a model of the Chrysler building.
Inside the model building was a confessional.

The Man in Blue

Was he blue because he was lonely?

Blue Nose

"Monicacos de Esperanza"
by Pepe Ozan

Who me?

More of "Monicacos de Esperanza".
It was hard to take a bad picture of these
whimsical creatures.

Burning Bra

by Amy Stabler, with help from people like me
and others who also helped with the Critical Tits
ride and party.

Spin 'n Burn

Fire spinning before the bra was torched.

Burn Bra Burn!

This picture doesn't have a lot of depth
because I couldn't get closer. Too HOT!

Bamboo You

"Starry Bamboo Mandala"
by Gerard Minakawa


by Michael Christian
Looks like an alien abduction in progress.

Duel Nature

by Kate Raudenbush

Bunny People

Fur is fun! Down with humans,
yea bunnies!


"The Goes Around Comes Around"
by Jamie Vaida

Cheshire Cat Mobile

A dusty art car. Looked great at night
when it was illuminated.

Angry Skull Mobile

Don't know the name of this art car,
but that's what it looks like to me :)

Ping and Crew

Christopher Schardt's submarine art car with members
of TCNKCT "The Camp Never Known as Critical Tits".
Most of the people on top were virgins!

Neverwas Haul

The three story mobile Victorian house is graced by
a lovely and talented photographer with her parasol.

Neverwas Again

A different angle.

A Field of Sunflower Robots

by Stefano Corazza
The Conexus Cathedral can be seen in the

Hope Flower

by Patrick Shearn, Abundant Sugar and the DoLab
Still have not managed to get a good photo of it. Darn.

The Mother of All Dust Devils

Maybe it was a dust tornado?

Future you Post

by Betsy McCall
Send your future self a letter from the past.

Serpent Mother

by the Flaming Lotus Girls

Serpent Mother with Flames

Almost the same angle as above, but here
a flash of flame is caught in the air above the

The Wishing Star

by Wayne Sayer
Hey look, something shiny.

Steel Statues 1

by Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann

Steel Statues 2

I can't find an official reference in the
"What, When, Where" so I don't know the title of
these statues.

Steel Statues 3

Another shot of the statures.

Ceramics and Lights

What is the name of this?

Temple of Hope

by Mark Grieve and the Temple Crew

Temple of Hope at Night

A space to find what you need to say...

What Remains...

by Chris Meyers
2600 crosses representing American soldiers that
have died in Iraq.

Message Out of the Future

by Jan Kriekels, Arne Quinze and the Uchronians (Belgium)
Also know as Uchronia.

Uchronia at Night

DO NOT call it a waffle, damn it!

Solitary Man

The man stands alone. This year I tried to use
a wide stereo base (hyper). About six feet between

Fire Dance

Fire dancing before the burn.

Hyper fireworks

It was difficult to shoot with cameras six feet
apart in a crowd of 40,000. Thanks to Jen(?) for her

More fireworks

The cameras were bumped and knocked out of
alignment, but I managed to salvage the images
with a lot of adjustments in software.

The Man Burns

Fireworks, fire, smoke. There he goes!

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