Stereoscopic photographs from the 2007 Burning Man festival

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Up Skirt

The view up through the net to the man
on Monday night before the arson.
Not very many people got to enjoy this
view or that magical place.

Bad Moon Rising!

Full lunar eclipse on the right,
arsonist at work on the left.

Water Works

The Man takes a shower. Extinguishing
the premature burn of the man.

Electric Cat

The Cheshire Cat art car again,
this time illuminated at night.

Make a Horse

It is great that people can still
do small personal art, without a
huge budget or special effects...

Then burn it!

Burn horsey, burn!!

Silverman vs. Jar Jar

Finally got a good picture of a
fight in the Thunderdome, and guess
what, its me! Jar Jar was declared the
winner. HA! Just wait dude.
Thanks to Shawn for taking the pic.

Body Door

Body, shadow, and a door way.
Only a 3D photo could capture this art work.

Ant Car

Very impressive giant ant!

Happy Baby

A young burner enjoys the tire swing
at the Steam Punk Treehouse.

Tsalagi Prayer Flower

A steel flower

by Kandy Barks

Apocalypse Stagecoach

A wonderous traveling stage.
Very entertaining performances
with music, drama, and puppets!

By Robin Fohardt and crew

Bone Tree

The Bone Tree returns, last
seen at Bruning Man 1999

Big Rig Jig

Massive truck mating

by Mike Ross

Truck Climbing

Now how often do you get to do that?
You could climb inside or out.


What? You think that was dusty...

The Trash Tea House Temple

by Brent Spears

Grand Steam Expedition

Steam powered runabout in front of the
Neverwas Haul. Featuring the hard working
yet ever dapper Kinric.

by Shannon O'Hare, Kinric, Kathy,
Liz and the rest of the motley crew


Playa Flags

by Phoebe McAfee

Crude Awakening

The view from half way up the oil dereck tower.
It was huge.

by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito,
Black Rock FX, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith,
Mark Perez, and MonkeyBoy

Crude Worship

One of the huge steel statues.

More Crude

It was amazing when they burned the tower.
One of the best fireworks shows followed by
a massive fireball that singed eyebrows in the
next county. Seriously.

All Hail Oil

I think this image comes close to capturing the point
of the art piece, even without a massive explosion.


Have no idea the name of this one.

Some Thing

Something in the desert.

Temple of Forgiveness

Inside the temple during a brief
dust storm

by David Best and Tim Dawson

Temple Detail

A structure with depth

Steam Punk Treehouse

A wonderful fantasy treehouse.
Steam punk rules!

by Sean Orlando with help from others
like David Shuldaddy

Inside da House

Ouch, elbow in the eye. Very nice
steam punk details inside.

Glass Wings

The wings from another angle
showing the color glass

Mystery Monolith

Actually a gift box.
Reach inside and get a gift.
Mine was a quartz crystal.

Green Man 3D

My display of stereoscopic images.
It was in the center camp cafe.
Enjoyed by many :-)

Triceratops Truck

Reminds me of Tarkus.

"Hey, look at that silver dude down there,
with the weird camera."


A strobe animation. A still photo
even in 3D, can't do it justice.

by Peter Hudson and crew


The view from the top of the
Neverwas Haul as we waited for
the temple to burn.

Temple of Forgiveness Burns

The ten inch stereo base didn't provide
much depth at this distance.


The man is engulfed. Note the size of
the fireball. Three times as high as
the Man. The one for Crude Awakening
was much, much larger. Lost those shots.

The Man and Fireworks

Stereobase of about six feet

More Fireworks

Then he burned for the second time.
The end.

Green Man vs.
The Greed Monster

Not a photo from Burning Man.
A computer graphics image I made
with free software, including: Blender,
Wings 3D, TopMod, and Indigo.

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