Stereoscopic photos from the 2008 Burning Man festival

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The Man on a Tower of Flags

Not very people knew all the flags

Closer Look

At the top of the tower, barbed wire.
BMorg didn't want a repeat of last year!

My 3D Display

Covered in real money. People
stole the glass diamonds by the
second day.

Giant Teeter-totter

More fun, more danger.

Golden Home Boy

by Todji Kurtzman

Thumbs Up!

Hand of Man
by Christian Ristow

Altered State

by Kate Raudenbush

Altered State at Night

A nice glow.


by Philip Raiser, Arthur Rodriguez
and Mik Hilldebrand
A 100' tower of steel.
A superstructure of a high rise on
the Black Rock desert!

Whale Skeleton

by Adam Baer

Punk Air!

Hard core camp with a


A great Steampunk vehicle that
looks like a snail.

Fleeble Flobbler

by Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet
It burned but it didn't fall down.

Mobile Phone

In the old days before the
cell phone.

Basura Sagrada

by Shrine, Tuktuk, and the
Basura Sagrada Collaboratory

Temple Detail

Basura Sagrada was made of recycled materials.

You are All so Many of Me

by Michael Emery
Damn photographers, they're everywhere!
Oh yeah, that's right. I'm one too...

Tall and Small

In the center camp cafe.

Spaghetti West Ten

by Mutoid Waste Co.
Real horse power!

Disco Stu?

On stilts.

Hoops Rule

Electric hoops are the new poi.

Blue Texture

Not sure of the name of this.

Techno Dome

Oontz, oontz, oontz...
Lots of fun.


by the Flaming Lotus Girls
Always great work by FLGs.


Batter up. Homerun!
Some say the best use of cheap domestic beer.

Spread Eagle

by Bryan Tedrick

Blue Balloon

On the playa Saturday morning.
High winds started a couple of hours later.

Baseball Pyramid

What is the name of this one?


by Myk Henry


by Michael Christian, Auriah Milanes,
Scottie Chapman and David Andres
A combination of monkey bars and
king of the hill.

Looking Up Elevation

Way up there was the thrown.

Self Evidence

by Robert Bengtson, Jonathan Weisblatt,
Caroline Warner, Clay and Shannon Cahoon,
Audree Halasz, et al.

Altered TV/Sacred Couch

by Ellen Henrici, Robin Robinson,
Alan Masaoka
I happened upon this art as photographed.
The composition was not staged.

The End

by Bob Marzewski


It was ticking.

Stacked wood

The fine art of precise wood stacking.

Red Eye Diner

The best diner in Black Rock City.
It has an extensive menu.
You can order anything you want!


A beautiful mutant vehicle

The Man Burns

Fireworks first.

More Burn

Soon to fall.

Fire fun

A mutant vehicle with flames.


by Jim Abrams
Giant Tetris.
Anyone wanna play?

Fire spinning

Imperial Disco Duck

Massive art deco mutant vehicle.


by Rachel Norman, Mike Thielvoldt,
Lira Filippini, and Jake Haskell
Not a great photo of the giant butterfly,
best I got.

Steel Statues

by Dan Das Mann and Karen Cusolito

Spaghetti West Ten
Part Two

by Mutoid Waste Co.
The covered wagon pulled by the horse power.

Temple Burn

Basura Sagrada was a great burn.

Temple with Ancestors

After the burn we were hit with an
intense dust storm.

New Gold Dream

My interpretation of the American Dream
theme. The Man swallowed by liquid gold.
Man modeled with Wings3D, Blender used
for fluid simulation and scene composition.
Rendered with LuxRender in 96 hours on
a Pentium Q6600.