Stereoscopic photos from the 2010 Burning Man festival

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The Metropolis Man 1

Nice gargoyles

The Metropolis Man 2

Side view

The Metropolis Man 3

Crotch shot


Beautiful, but the rain delayed my arrival
in camp by almost 4 hours.

Temple of Flux

by Rebecca Anders, Jessica Hobbs,
Peter Kimelman and Crew

Sunset through Structure

Triceratops Truck

at night


3D Kiss 2D

Praying Mantis Vehicle

In the daylight

Sleeping Beauty

Artemis with Bob

Cones on Poles

Rusted Forms

Face Right

Black Rock Bijou

A real working movie theatre, but
not showing a 3D movie.

Boxes and Rocks


Thanks DPW


by Michael Christian

Inverted Trees

After Labor Day

You must not wear white, but
Burning Man is before.

Palm Trees with Circles

Aeolian Pyrophonic Hall &
Whispering Wall

Angel with Bird

Star Mirror

Jet Vehicle

Pink Couple

Small Steel City

Dragon Pyre

Praying Mantis

at night

Glow Worm

Fire Fight

Night Crest


It does a body good.

Bliss Dance

by Marco Cochrane

Bliss Dance 2

At night

Inner Bliss

Inside the statue.
Thanks to Sean Monaghan for
taking my Fuji W1 up there.

Inner Bliss 2

Also shot by Sean Monaghan.

Friends on the Playa

Visiting Bliss Dance.

Friends 2

Does it bite?

The Stone of Rome
by Briswold, Besasle, Daniels and Hero

Crest Detail

Flowers at the Temple

Tuna Guys Rule

and thanks for all the fish.

Cafe Art

Man of Solitude

Canon A570 camera pair

Fire Conclave 1

Fuji W1 with hand held flash

Fire Conclave 2

Fire Conclave 3

The Burn 1

Stereo base of about six feet.

The Burn 2

The Burn 3

The Burn 4

The Burn 5

The Burn 6

After the Fall

Hot time.

Catching Some Air

Dragon Heads

Tiny Tropolis 1

by Max Fancher, Eliza Schiffrin, Erica Geller,
Adi Taylor, Gabe Mott and Eric Rubin

Tiny Tropolis 2

A series of dioramas in the desert.

Tiny Tropolis 3

The best way to capture the miniature world
of a diorama is with a stereoscopic photo.
These were captured with a single hand held camera.
Stereo base was a wild guess.

Temple of Flux Burn

Embers of the Flux

A warm gathering.

Cameras used:
Canon- Twin Canon A570is synchronized with StereoData Maker.
Fuji- Fuji Finepix W1 Stereoscopic digital, now replaced by the W3.

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