Stereoscopic photos from the 2011 Burning Man festival

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The Man

Rites of Passage

Man in transition.

In his stride

After so many years, a new pose.

Moving forward

and always changing.

Exsuscitare Traiectus

by Orion Fredericks

Golden Dragon

A hyper-stereo taken from the top of our mutant vehicle
"The Intergalactic Transporter," while moving.


by Laura Kimpton

All you need is... and the other essensials of life

El Pulpo Mecanico

by Duane Flatmo

The "Steam Punk Octopus" rules!


I don't know why it had my initials, but it works for me.
Also reminds me of the piece I made in 1999.

Scorpion vs. Praying Mantis

Battle of the giant insects.

Truth is Beauty

by Marco Cochrane

Climbing Truth is Beauty

Yep, that guy was taking a picture of "Silverman" (me).

Playa Art

This one will leave no trace.

Mirror Woman

Add a spot light and she'd be a hit at any disco.

Not Trees

and far from TV

Please e-mail with name of art and artist.

Wood Structure

Please e-mail with name of art and artist.


by Peter Hudson

Zoetrope art of the final passage.

Serious Photographer

I like low angles too, unfortunately
such shots do not work in stereo (3D).

Dead Wood and Temple

This angle works better in 3D.


The steel claw has been here before.

Black Rock City Cemetery

by Shannon Albert

Icons from the past

Cemetery Details

C. S. Tere

by Andy Tibbetts and crew

and a guest rider.

Metal Creatures 1

Metal Creatures 2

Please e-mail with name of art and artist.

Is Land

by Sarah Cockings

A floating world.


by Tony Geluch

Title says it all.


I expected it to say Burningham.

Oh No!

Wind Spirals

Glowing Ponies


by Charles Gadeken

A neon tree.

Pretty Vehicle

Trojan Horse

by Alaya Boisvert

Great, although from this angle it looks like
a bulldog.

Fire Friend

Didn't get his name but he fired up so I could get an image.

Garden of Rockets

by Christopher Schardt


Flying Land Shark

Chico Mutant Vehicles

Two Chico California based mutant vehicles meet
on the playa. In front, "Beau Le'Phan" and behind
"Intergalactic Transporter." I helped make the
Intergalactic Transporter. :-)

Awesome Engines

The Intergalactic Transporter at night.

Tympani Lambada

by Flaming Lotus Girls

Tympani Lambada 2

Heart of the City II

by Kiki and Heliarc (Lisa and Robert Ferguson)

Cafe 1

plese e-mail me with the title and artist.

Cafe 2

Yes there is live music at Burning Man!
This group was good, but I didn't catch
the name.

Burn 1 - Fireworks

Hyper-stereo shot with custom made handheld aluminum bracket.
Camera separation of a bit over 5.5 feet.
StereoData Maker synchronized Canon G11 cameras.

Burn 2 - Fireball

My plan was to shoot from the Intergalactic Transporter, but
it was late getting to the burn, so I ran ahead.

Burn 3 - Smoke Tornado

I got lucky when a man let me get on top of his mutant vehicle.
It was rather like a box that opened to show a living room.
Anyone know what/who that was?

The Temple of Transition 1

by Chris Hankins, Diarmaid Horkan and the International Art Megacrew

Wide angle lens.

The Temple of Transition 2


The Temple of Transition 3

Looking up, wide angle.

Pain Is a Doorway

The gift of the temple is giving people
a way to express themselves and have emotional release.
It is always a transition.

Temple Burn

A time to be with others.

Cameras used:
Canon - Twin Canon G11 synchronized with StereoData Maker.
Fuji- Fuji Finepix W3 Stereoscopic digital.

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