Stereoscopic photographs from the 2000 Burning Man festival.

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Da Man
The obligatory shot of the Man. He looks very raw here.

Plaster casts of the female form.

Face the Light
The Faces of Man by Dan Das Mann. The wooden face profiled against sunrays breaking through the stormy sky.

Stereoscopic Camera Obscura
The world's only stereoscopic camera obscura. It worked! This was a project created by Harold Baize (me) and Bob Stahl. Get inside, put on 3D glasses and see the outside world in stereoscopic 3D. It wasn't finished until Sunday afternoon, but we did it! Next year better and operational by Thursday.

Department of Flame Works
The Blackrock City Department of Public Works (DPW) built most of the temporary city, and they know how to have fun!

Red Wings
Beautiful red wings. Not an outfit to wear when the winds are high. This photo taken with a Sputnik medium format stereo camera, all others with a FED-Boy stereo camera.

Elegant spirals in the desert.

The Golden Tower
The Golden Tower by Susan Robb. Yep, you guessed it. Some of those people were not drinking enough water. Each sample had a name on it too.

The Rock
The Rock by Zachary Coffin. Simple concept well executed. Some people tried to start the rumor that it was a meteorite. Nobody bought that story.

The Faces of Man by Dan Das Mann. I just had to get inside the head, all those years getting the PhD in Psych!

Critical Tits Ride
Neither rain, wind, nor blinding dust storms could stop the women of critical tits! This year there was also a Critical Dicks, no photos of that because I was participating :-)

A real fire-breathing dragon. One of two at this year's festival.

Another of those small art works. I wonder who ate it.

Burning the Dragon
The dancing and fun when they burned the dragon above.

Lamp Mobile
A huge mobile of table lamps. It was an interesting thing to watch while inside the Stereoscopic Camera Obscura.

Music Car
This year's art car. I wouldn't have taken this photo if the art car had not driven right into the center of our camp. Not much damage. My brown van is in the background.

Body of Knowledge
Body of Knowledge by Dana Albany. Used books form the body of this thinker.

Light Suits
Light Suits by Jeremy Lutes. The original and still the best light suit on the playa. Kathleen and Jeremy are in those suits.

Hollywood Harley
Harley Bierman of the Burning Man Organization (BMORG) being filmed for a documentary by Les Blank.

Post Cotius
Phallus of the Man and Yoni Gate by Pepe Ozan. The erotic structures slightly deflated after the burn at Pepe's opera.

After Burn
The remains of the man, smoldering the day after the burn. Remember, LEAVE NO TRACE!

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