Stereoscopic photographs from the 2001 Burning Man festival.

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Gray Man
The Man in shades of gray. Scala black and white slide film, FED Stereo camera.

Rubber Ducky
A big rubber ducky, but no giant tub.

Flock by Michael Christian. This giant headless steel creature seemed to grow out of the ground from roots.

Inside the Maze
The Maze by Todd Dworman, Charles Trapolin and the Maze People. Here we find Jesse inside.

The Rock and The Man
Zachary Coffin's huge 12 ton rock, spins in a dust storm with only The Man visible in the distance. Scala film, FED Stereo camera.

Play Plane Crash Ground
by Kezia Zichichi. The fun plane crash sight at night.

Yes, it is I, your humble photographer. I didn't do, really it was another silver man.

Catbus from Totoro
You gotta love art cars! This is a great one, a small bus in the shape of a yellow cat. Don't you wish you had shape-changing powers!

The Temple of Tears in Dust
The Temple of Tears by David Best and Jack Haye. Sunlight streaks through the dust blowing through the Temple of Tears. Scala again.

Casket at the Temple of Tears
The casket made of melted gun parts. It rested as part of the mousoleum in front of The Temple of Tears.

Critical Tits Ride 2001
Another great year of the famous bike ride.

Critical Tits Reception
After the ride it is time to party!

What year was it? Oh, yeah. It had to be done. Where did I leave my ape suit?

Pink Parade
The pink parade followed the pink party. No blue allowed!

Fire Dancing
Tami with the flaming poi. Fire dancing at 3D Camera Obscura Camp.

Light Suits
Light Suits by Jeremy Lutes. Same great suits, better photo this year.

The Man explodes in fireworks and flame yet the neon shines on! Synchronized Pentax P30 SLRs, 50mm lenses with 10 inch stereo base.

The intense heat of the burning man and the blowing dust combine to produce swirling vortices of fire. Cameras as above. Thanks to Karl Handelsman for assisting with crowd control!

After the Fall
The Man has fallen, now it is time to run and dance the night away! Like moths to the flame.

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