Stereoscopic photographs from the 2002 Burning Man festival.

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Blue Man
The Man at night in blue neon. FED Stereo camera.

The Ark
Pepe Ozan's beautiful fish ship.

Caged Demons
Caged Demons, simple yet effective art piece.

Hippocampus by Mardi Storm. Mythical creatures of the sea were all around at Burning Man this year.

The Maiden
A beautiful sculpture. Some fool put a sticker on it, but I removed it from the image digitally.

Running Shower
An easy way to cool off and get clean at Burning Man.

Musical Dragon
A dragon that is actually a musical instrument.

Ping, the desert submarine made by Christopher Schardt. The only image I have of it that was not on the blank rolls.

Lily Pond Dragon Fly
The Lily Pond by Jeremy Lutes. A detail from the wonderful pond, some of these dragon flies were stolen.

Lily Pond Fish
Another detail from the pond. The night photos of the pond were lost to camera malfunction.

Critical Tits Ride 2002
The seventh annual bike ride.

Critical Tits Reception
Great blue body paint!

Temple of Joy
The Temple of Joy, detail of the structure.

Temple of Joy and Clouds
Another detail of The Temple of Joy.

Temple of Joy Burn
The Temple of Joy begins to burn!

Dust Devils
Dust devils cascade off the burning Temple of Joy and toward the crowd. Notice the small one at a 45 degree angle to the left.

Hot Wheels
Part of the warm up to the burning of the Man.

Sea of Spinning Flame
An amazing display of fire spinning performers. More than I could count.

Fluid Fire
Grace and skill with fire dancing.

Man in Sparks
The Man is surrounded with sparks as the fire works begin.

Man in Smoke
Fireworks and smoke engulf the Man as it begins to burn.

Man in Flames
The Man being consumed by flame. The end.

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