Stereoscopic photographs from the 2003 Burning Man festival.

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Artistic carousel detail.

Metal Angel
Raw metal angel.

Eden Car
The ultimate ride on the playa, a garden of perfection.

Playa Boat
This art car made quite a splash when it visited our camp.

Wholly Burger!
Big enough for all glutons in America?

Chrome Dome
Hey its me, in the white jump suit.

Infinite FED
A FED Stereo captures infinity.

Temple of Gravity
Another great creation by Zachary Coffin.

The Hand of God
Fire shoots forth from finger tips to light the night sky.

A very impressive structure, two counter rotating geodesic domes with transparent color panes.

Belly with Propeller
A whimsical sculpture.

Monkey Bars for Big Kids
A great place to hang out.

Silver Man
Silver Man (me) chills in his van. Photo by Karl Handelsman.

Silver Woman
No relation. When I met her I was no longer silver.

Attack of the Beet People!
Really, they attacked me when I was Silver Man. Took a while to rub off the red and get back to being silver all over.

Temple of Honor
This year's incredible temple by David Best.

Temple Top
Looking up at the center of the Temple of Honor.

Temple of Honor in Flames
The Temple of Honor was burned, of course. Twinned Pentax ZX-M cameras.

Tongues of Flame
The crowd enjoys the Temple of Honor burn. Twinned Pentax.

Pirate Ship
Ahoy. The pirate ship returned this year.

Beauty and grace in the desert.

Arc of Reflection
Simple idea yet a very effective piece, by Amy Elizabeth Stabler.

TV Church
Pray to the boob tube.

Big Red Head
...with spiked hair!

Peaceful thoughts.

House of Cards
Detail inside the House of Cards, also know as "The Temple of Chance" (Lewis Zaumeyer). It was burned, of course.

Critical Tits Rally
Women prepare for the ride.

Family Fun
Dad and son dance at the Critical Tits party!

Golden Shower
Yep, a real working shower. You can guess where the water comes out. Never saw anyone use it.

Johnny on the Spot
A giant urinal. Homage to the Duchamp surrealist piece, by Saul Melman and Ani Weinstein. Note the irony of the entry view.

Giant Chandelier
Like it fell from a giant's ceiling!

Christopher Schardt's spiritual piece Yantra at night. Sputnik medium format stereo camera, about eight second exposure.

Fire Spinning
The pre-burn demonstration of fire twirling and spinning. Twinned Pentax ZX-M cameras, 6 inch stereo base.

Man in Fireworks
The Man enclosed by fireworks. Twinned Pentax, 10 inch stereo base.

Running with Ancestors
An ecstatic man runs with the ancestors (fire twisters) cascading off the heat of the burning man.

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All photos by Harold Baize, using a FED Stereo camera, except where noted.

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