Stereoscopic photographs from the 2004 Burning Man festival.

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The Man by day
The geodesic dome was good for photography.

The Man by night
Nice blue neon too.

Electric Dog
A small el-wire art piece by a fellow camp member.

Planetary Cruiser
The playa can look very much like another planet.

Pharaoh's pimped out ride!
Best ride in the desert

Pointing right at you.

Plaster parade
They need a lot of sun screen.

When the earth moves.

Sky Crab
Didn't get to see this with flames.

Strobe animation of diving figures.

Goofy Car
A fun art car.

American Tar Pit
A quagmire, by Amy Stabler. Hey, isn't that Bush sinking into the desert with oil?

Solar Flare
Large inflatable art. Don't get sun burned.

Nebula / Pulsar
Dramatic and nebulous piece by Betty Ray and Christopher Schardt.

Deep Sea
Scuba divers in the desert.

Fire Tornado
Incredible human made swirling fire.

Light through plastic.

Scorpion Car
Fire stinger on a fast moving scorpion vehicle.

Wooden Spiral
Did this burn?

A Small Sculture
There were a few of these beautiful pieces in center camp.

Critical Tits party 2004!
The best party at Burning Man, where the men serve the goddesses.

3-D Display
A real 3-D display. Changing volumetric paterns in a matrix of lights.

Textured Columns
One of many art pieces that worked in a different way by day as night.

Temple of Stars
David Best created an even more fantastic temple this year.

A beautiful woman with mask in front of the Temple of Stars.

The Temple of Stars Burn
An ancestor twister flows from the temple as it burns.
Twinned Pentax ZX-M cameras, 11 inch base.

Pre-Burn Fire Spinning
A young boy from Santa Cruz spins before the burn.
Twinned Pentax ZX-M cameras, 6 inch base.

Shower of Sparks
The Man is showered with sparks from fireworks before the inevitable fall.
Twinned Pentax ZX-M cameras, 11 inch base.

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All photos by Harold Baize, using a FED Stereo camera, except where noted.

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