Stereoscopic photographs from the 2005 Burning Man festival.
Phase One: The Digital Shots

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The Man and Laughing Lady
Laughing Sally, the famous figure from San Francisco's past, greets those who journey into the Psyche fun house.

Bed in Your Head
A dream you can sleep on.
by Karen Lewis and Max Alstadt

Croquet anyone?
Croquet playa size!.

Windblown Goddess
Goddess figure after playa winds.

Rubber Horses
Steel and rubber and not an automobile
by Dorothy Trojanowski

Hot Steel
Steel glowing red hot

Little Man
A smaller wooden man.

Porta Potties
Even the porta potties were a work of art. Sometimes performance art.

The life size mouse trap game! Didn't get to see it work ;( .
by Mark Perez

Tower of Memory
Ornate pyre by David Best.

Mother passes on the gift.
by Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann

Twilight Anima Rising
A wondrerous magical creature emerging from the playa.
by Mardi Storm

by Pepe Ozan

by Zachary Coffin

Warm Night
Angel of the Apocalypse by Flaming Lotus Girls

Silver on Ping
Nope, not the real Silverman (me) but my friend Benjamin Baker, aka Mercury.

by Liam McNamara

Mirrored Vehicle
A fun art vehicle, with mirrors.

White Head
Actually a 3D screen for 2D video projection.

The site of many vicious fights between plush bunnies!

Temple of Dreams
A man reads a message left to a lost loved one.

Temple of Dreams at Night
by Mark Grieve and the Temple Crew.

Silver Men?
Hey, I'm the real Silverman!

The Burn
The man burned quickly this year.

More images coming soon. I'm working on the slide film.

All photos by Harold Baize, using twin Sony DSC-V1 digital cameras with a LANC Shepherd
synchronizing box and a custom Z-bracket by John Hart.

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