Burning Man 3-D Image Gallery
Harold Baize

Stereoscopic photographs from the 1996 Burning Man festival.
Each image presented in cross-eye, free-view, anaglyphic, and stereoscope lens formats.

NOTE: Your red/blue anaglyphic glasses should have the RED filter over your LEFT eye.

Click on or the image button to view in 640x480 red/blue anaglyphic format.
Click on for cross eyed format.
Click on for "wall eye" or parallel view format.
Click on for viewing with stereoscope lenses.

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The 40 foot high wooden man before it was burned.

An art car in the shape of a shark.

Growling Tiger on the Playa
Stereo photo of 2 year old Hannah at Black Rock Desert during 1996 Burning Man festival. Hannah was a tiger growling at the camera.

Bullet Car
Another art car. It was made from an aircraft external fuel tank. Kodak Stereo camera with Kodachrome 64.

Banana Bike and Furry Friends
Banana bike, with Aardvark and Beaver scooters.
Fun in the Mud
Just add water and the desert floor becomes a fun mud bath. WARNING: this image contains humans without clothing. Faces have been altered to protect the innocent.

More mud!
The best way to get clean at Burning Man. WARNING: more naked people. Faces distorted to keep anonymity.

Painted back
Brightly painted back in the desert sun. More nakedness.
Tribal Gathering
Urban primitives await the burning of the man. The man in its blue phase.
Flames and Anarchy
The finale, the burning of the man. Jubilant chaos.

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