Stereoscopic photographs from the 1997 Burning Man festival.

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Burning Man
Burning Man up close and personal.

Hiding from Mom
Jeremiah enjoying the shade. Jeremiah is a space cowboy-- bet you weren't ready for that!

A professional photographer who also likes to model. Realist 45 camera, Kodak EIR infrared film, E-6 process, no filters.

Fly Hot Springs Geyser
The Fly Hot Springs Geyser. Realist 45 stereo camera, Kodak EIR film, E-6 process and no filters.

Here's Mud in Your Eye!
The mud at Fly Hot Springs must be good for you, it's always in your face.

Bone Arch
The arch made from the bones of animals that died in the desert. All bones collected at the sight.

Temporal Decomposition
Giant ice sphere with timepieces frozen inside (Jim Mason). Art with a limited life span.

Das Ammoniten Projekt
The 70 foot shell shaped spiral of canvas (Hendrik Hackl). How did he get his bike to the center?

Kill Your Television
Real family values. A test dummy family is slammed into a large screen TV.

Future Primitive
Welded steel sculpture of the agony of modern human existance.

Max the Daredevil Finmobile
Max the Daredevil Finmobile. It wouldn't be Burning Man without art cars.

The Daughters of Ishtar
EEEEsh-TAR! The dance/opera/burn created by Pepe Ozan, the stage/sculpture burns in the background.

Pillar of Fire
A whale spouts flame as the Man burns.

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