Stereoscopic photographs from the 1998 Burning Man festival.

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Neon Man
Burning Man lit up at night in neon. This photo was taken shortly before dawn Sunday, after the Rudra opera.

Wire Insect Woman

Detail of the stage for the Rudra opera/dance/burn.

The Temple of Rudra

The temple/stage burns as the opera/dance comes to a climax.

BeYonder Rocket at Sunset

The majesty of BeYonder Camp's great rocket as the setting sun casts the mountains aglow.

Japanese Rock Garden

A very large Japanese rock garden. The mountains are real. Scala b&w slide film.

Taj Mahal

One of the most impressive installations for 1998. Everyone called it the Taj Mahal. It was made mostly of junk plastic.

Mobile Bed (Little Nemo)

The beautiful mobile bed made by the folks at Cultural Workers Union Camp. We piled 32 people on it one night. It cost over $3,000 to build.

The Nebulous Entity

I don't know what it was. It was just so... nebulous, and spacey.

Camels in the Desert?

Why not.

Doll on a Stick

Drums and decorations at BeYonder. Scala B&W slide film.

Flower Powered

Welded steel sculpture of a flower and flame motor.

Deceit, Betrayal, and Bitterness

The Shrine of Deceit, Betrayal, and Bitterness represented the emotions that follow being betrayed by someone you love. Someone told me that was a different piece, but the concept fits.

Critical Tits

The wonderful women from the bike ride. Thanks to Bruce Wismer for the loan of his camera. Once again the BeYonder Rocket appears!

Fire Thistle

A twelve foot steel thistle with brilliant flashing flame.

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