Stereoscopic photographs from the 1999 Burning Man festival.

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Shoulder Shot of the Man
Yes, the man has graffiti on his shoulders.

Bone Tree
After Burning Man last year the Nebulous Entity was torched unexpectedly. It was reincarnated as a tree made of bones.

Church of the Slide Guitar
This art installation was entirely my creation.
It looks better in this photo than it did out on the playa!

Little Nemo
Little Nemo is the giant mobile bed made by Cultural Workers Union. Without a doubt it is the best vehicle on the playa!

Critical Tits
Group photo of the women from the bike ride. There were a lot more women in the ride this year, too many to get in the photo.

Pink Woman and Friend
Two of the women form the Critical Tits bike ride. If you look at last year's group photo you can see her in blue (far left).

The Goddess created by Melissa of Yonder camp. She burned real good too!.

Yonder Gypsy Wagons
This year Yonder was Wander with gypsy wagons and a tendency for our boot heals to be mobile.

Giant Jaw
A large set of chopers that sported flames at night.

Santa's Vulva
Another art car at Burning Man. This one has lots of Santas.

Camels Return
Yes the camels were in the desert again. Guess they like the climate.

Orbit One
A rotating metal sculpture in center camp. Very effective when looking up while lying on the ground below it. The angle of this photo.

Opera Headdress
The stage and colorful headdress for Pepe Ozan's opera/burn.

Mass Nude Photo Shoot
This is the second time Spencer Tunick has staged a mass nude photo shoot at Burning Man. I didn't take this photo, I handed the camera to someone else so I could be in the shot. Have you found me yet?

Large Organ
This was a big toy to ride on, about eight foot long.

Submarine Rising
A submarine rises out of the desert playa. It eventually burned.

Burning Baby?
Sometimes the small works of art are interesting.

Angles on the Playa
Angular metal sculpture.

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